Kate started writing when she was eight years old. A voracious note taker from an early age, she used her observations as fodder for her writing, both poetry and prose.

Kate wrote stories while she went to dance school, and then secretarial college. She wrote while she was a secretary in London, and then when she moved to Exeter with her husband and trained to be a teacher – and had her first child Ellie.

The family moved to Nigeria, then back to the West Country for the birth of Kate’s second child Tom.

Kate continued writing throughout her years as a mother, and art teacher, and lived in Singapore and Malaysia before coming back to the UK in the 1980s, to settle in the Midlands after the break up of her marriage.

Kate did an MA in Ceramics and then continued her work as an art teacher in Leicestershire for many years. And it was in Leicester that she met her partner Chris Bent, who she spent more than thirty years with.

Kate was a member, then president, of the Leicester Writers’ Club, and had poetry published in the UK and the US.

When Kate started to suffer from dementia in the mid 2010s, although her writing stopped, she took solace for several years from attending her writers’ group, listening to others work and her own work being read out.

Kate finally moved to a care home in Oct 2019, when she became too ill to live at home. She sadly passed away in January 2021, leaving behind her children, four grandsons, and her partner Chris.