Nijinsky – Echopraxia

(1919 – The dancer Nijinsky is admitted to the Bellevue
Sanatorium and among other conditions is diagnosed
with Echopraxia, an involuntary repetition or imitation
of movements and sounds.)

Slow     silent    silent    silent
mute  still

echo   cry out    cry out    cry out

Slope off inside
each movement starched    flattened
unblinking    wave after
wave of steps    your smile
widening      sharpening
crinkling    waiting for
the music to haemorrhage in you.

Inside  switching on
flame in your pulse racing
grimacing   embracing
the stretch    outwards
grabbing at the air
contorting   cavorting   distorting.

Fast     shout     shout      shout
loud   rage

echo    cry out    cry out    cry out.